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Jon Freach

Jon Freach has a 15-year background in design research and interaction design and has served in a broad range of roles, from designer to strategic planner and manager of best practices. At frog, Jon utilizes a variety of design research methods to help clients and project teams better understand what makes consumers tick. He then applies this insight to the design of products and services to create meaningful and lasting interactions while maximizing clients' business goals.

Jon is also a founding professor at the Austin Center for Design. He has published widely in the design and business communities, and frequently speaks on the subject of design research and interaction design. His articles have appeared in Interactions magazine, Design Mind, and The Atlantic.

Prior to working at frog, Jon was the Experience Research and Design Lead at fd2s, an environmental graphic design and wayfinding consultant based in Austin, Texas. Jon holds a published patent application for a relational pathways-and-landmarks wayfinding system design, and another for a graphical user interface application enabling access to multiple desktops.